The StormBag


Garage Door Kit | Double-Wide


Simply Add Water

The StormBag will expand from 1lb to 33lbs in just 3-5 minutes


Questions and Answers

How long do the StormBags stay hydrated?

StormBags will dry out after about two weeks in hot, dry conditions. If they are left exposed to water, they will stay at their full size indefinitely. Once the bag is dehydrated, it can be stored and re-used.

How much does the StormBag weigh?

StormBags weigh one pound dry and fully hydrated weigh anywhere from 30-35lbs, depending on conditions. Each bag will absorb approximately four gallons of water.

How long does it take to set up?

Each StormBag will absorb approximately four gallons of water in 3-5 minutes when submerged. It may take longer depending on how they are being hydrated.

Are StormBags plant-friendly?

Yes, the contents of the StormBag are non-toxic and the bag itself is made of biodegradable burlap and linen. Place a few around your trees or bushes in drought conditions to keep your plants happy and hydrated for weeks on end!

How do I dispose of the StormBags?

StormBags are non-toxic which means that they are landfill friendly, but you'd be missing out on the opportunity to lay a few around your trees and bushes to keep them hydrated in drought conditions. StormBags will dry up in a few weeks in hot/dry conditions. They can then be stored for re-use.