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StormBag Door Kits

Everything you need to secure your doorways.


StormBag Door Kits

Step 1: Verify Contents - Check the box's contents: Duct tape, Razor knife, Heavy-duty plastic sheet, Dry StormBags. Note: the size of the plastic sheeting and the number of StormBags varies by kit size.

Step 2: Hydration - Hydrate the StormBags: Soak them in water for 3-5 minutes. Speed the whole process up by letting them soak while you work on other steps. Use a container like a trough or trash can for soaking.

Step 3: Plastic Sheeting - Apply plastic sheeting to protect your doorway: Unroll the pre-cut sheet provided. Attach one corner above and to the side of the door with duct tape. Tape the opposite corner similarly. Ensure an overlap around the door edges to cover it fully.

Step 4: Tape all Edges - Seal all edges with duct tape: Start by tacking down all edges with strips of tape every 12-14 inches. Then, apply long strips of tape lengthwise along the edges, securing them tightly. Double-tape the edges for added strength. Ensure there are no gaps or crevices for water or wind to penetrate.

Step 5: Place the Bags - Stack the fully hydrated StormBags at the bottom of the doorway: Lay them flat on top of the plastic ground flap. Stack them closely in an overlapping pattern, like bricks in a wall.